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Thread: Managed Project

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    Managed Project

    i'd installed Carbide C++ and the Series_80_Plattform_SDL_2nd.
    When i try the Tutorials of Hello World with managed Project C++, it doesen'nt create the Folders like the Tutorial.
    With a Symbian Project it does.
    But when I update Eclipse to 3.1.2 it doesen't create any Folders with the Managed Project in any Platform eg Java or C++ or Symbian.
    Why this happened?
    Thank's for answer.

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    Re: Managed Project

    Carbide.c++ only works using the Symbian project, not "vanilla" managed project, so what you see is what should happen if I understood your question correctly. When you use the Carbide wizards, the created project however is a specialised version of CDT managed project.

    As for updating the underlying platform, we have only tested with 3.1.1 which comes bundled and do not recommend that you update the underlying stuff. In particular, the package we ship contains bug fixes to CDT that are mandatory so if you update CDT at the same time you will certainly break Carbide.

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