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    fail to import the file HelloWorldBasic.mmp

    i install the CodeWarrior_OEM_Edition_31 and S60-SDK-0548-3[1].0-f.3.215f on my PC(OS:windows XP).
    i reference the document S60_3_0_CPP_SDK_CW_GettingStarted_1[1].0.pdf and import file HelloWorldBasic.mmp,When i finish the step 6,I get the error message"Failed to run the makmake"
    How can i smooth it?
    best regards

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    Re: fail to import the file HelloWorldBasic.mmp

    From the error it sounds like you don't have ActivePerl installed on your machine. I would recommend installing a recent version of ActivePerl and then try importing the .mmp file again.

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    Re: fail to import the file HelloWorldBasic.mmp

    y is actice perl needed. and if it is needed y is it not mentioned in any of the nokia tutes??

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    Re: fail to import the file HelloWorldBasic.mmp

    It is mentioned in the SDK guides, and in releasenotes.txt.

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