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    To open a wap site from a midlet.


    I am trying to open a wap site from my midlet in 6600,I am using (platform request)In emulator it shows blank without throwing any message, while the same I tested in 6230i, it displays a message "running background". once the application is closed then it throws a question" would you like to connect www.----- " if yes then the site gets opens. Actually I want to open the browser on the foreground one thing. The other thing is why I am unable to open in 6600. why both the emulator and device are not responding to this.
    Is there any procedure???

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    Re: To open a wap site from a midlet.

    Hi niamathsa,

    MIDP 2.0 devices from Nokia should implement MIDlet.platformRequest as expected. But depending on the device the browser application can be considered as native an can background your MIDlet. I'm not sure about Nokia 6600, it has some bugs, maybe because it was the first ever MIDP 2.0 phone from Nokia. You should check your firmware version for 6600. Just type *#0000#. Check:

    2.13 Using MIDlet.platformRequest(String URL)
    This method requests the device to handle (for example, display or install) the indicated URL. For example, if the URL is of the form http://www.nokia.com, the WAP browser should be launched. For a URL containing a telephone number, a voice call should be initiated. However, this does not work in software version 3.42.1.
    No solutions exist for software version 3.42.1, but this issue has been corrected in software version 4.09.1.

    It's a different behavior, though. But problems exist on some firmware versions. The info above is from:

    Known Issues In The Nokia 6600 MIDP 2.0 Implementation v1.7


    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Junior

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