My question is how to update an application with this scenario (application with updates gets new data):
First jar package is a basic version with some data (e.g. some text(in file)).
Second jar is a package with some new additional data (e.g more text).
(there are more packages which can be added to application)
So I want to preserve the old text(file) and add a new one.

I've found in the forum ( that it is possible using jsr-75 to store the data in file system.
Is it possible to achieve this with the standard midp2.0 api?
According forum ( if you update application via OTA it is able to preserve RMS data. So can I with the first application fill the RMS (first start) and then with updating via OTA get the second extending jar(same as first only new data) which after first start adds new data to RMS (which now contains both old and new data)?
Or some other possiblity? Has anyone experience with that?