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    Setting network names in C++ program.


    I have a problem (once again) to configure my profile in
    a proper way. I would like to put in the network name
    "ANIFA" in my newly created profile (using C++).

    In the same way as when you write the "Network name" when
    you create a profile manually.

    I have tried to do this whith the following code:

    SSID ssid;
    ssid.Len = 5;
    memcpy(ssid.SSID, "ANIFA", 5);

    dwStatus = pProfile->SetDataBin(
    (unsigned char *)&ssid);

    The result will be that the name ANIFA appears in the list of
    network (I can see that in the "Administrador D211" program.)
    Nevertheless my program then creates a "Adhoc" connection
    instead of an infrastructure!

    But if I select the network name ANIFA in the "Administrador D211
    program" and press "Change name", and thereafter "Okey" WHITHOUT
    changing the network name, it will connect to the ANIFA
    network as infrastructure. ;-()

    I think that I'm doing something wrong when I programaticly
    adding the network name, and therefor he treats the name ANIFA
    as a new network that doesn't exist.

    I presuate all kind of hint, tricks and answers.

    Best regards, Martin

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    RE: Setting network names in C++ program.

    I found it by myself. I have to add

    dwStatus = pProfile->SetBool(MIB_PROF_WLAN_OPMODE, TRUE);

    that sets the mode to "infrastructure".
    It's quite strange, because it already shows mode "infrastructure"
    in the profile, nevertheless I have to set it so it doesn't
    select mode "Adhoc".

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