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    MMS messages via http

    Hi, What I want to do is as follows,

    (1) Send an SI SMS message to a users mobile
    (2) The user can accept/reject the request. For argument sake, say they accept.
    (3) The url in the SI will point to a Java Servlet. And the servlet will then open an output stream and then I want to write an MMS message via http .

    So if the above is possible, what format should the MMS message be in to write it via http. I know in Adobe Go Live there is an add on from nokia to encapsulate an smil document, and then it is possible to wrap the mms message in http. Can this be done programmatically in java. Also, if this is al possible can the network stop me doing this ?

    Thanks Karl

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    RE: MMS messages via http


    I would like to suggest to read the "How to create MMS services" document. It will give you a clear picture what can be done.

    MMS client in Nokia phones is bound to WAP access point, so all data is being transferred over WAP Gateway. Usually this gateway is owned and maintained by your network operator and they are able to block traffic to certain IP address.

    Also user can only have a only one MMS configuration at time.

    If you manage to set up the WEB server to serve MMS clients, MMS message should be encapsulated and set to be m-retrieve-conf type.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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