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    S60 3rd edition emulator has blank screen

    Hello Nokia support,

    I installed afresh the SDK for S60 v3 platform. it is installed in default c:\Symbian\....... . When I start emulator, it starts okay, but the application screen remains blank(white). Pressing the button F9 can make it write "stand by", but then still nothing appears. According to guide, that screen should contain application shell.
    The file epocwind.out contains the error like this
    "failed to start shell = -1"

    What is the actual reason of trouble. Please solve it. Without emulator, nothing is possible to be done

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    Re: S60 3rd edition emulator has blank screen


    did you already get any help to solve the problem? It's the same with my installation ...


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    Exclamation Re: S60 3rd edition emulator has blank screen

    I finally got the emulator running:
    - I disabled the soundcard in the PC bios.
    - I registered the emulator (see Help -> About in the emulators window).

    The next important step is waiting! On my windows machine with no other software but AV-Scanner and Carbide-C++ V1.1 it takes about 50 seconds for the emulator to switch from the blank screen to booting symbian OS. :-(

    To make it work over rdesktop from a linux machine I disabled sound redirection via "rdesktop -r sound:remote".

    Good luck and greetings,

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