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    Arrow Darwin server on windows XP

    hi friends,
    I am trying to implement real streaming, for that I am using DarwinStreamingServer. But when I try to install it on windows XP, it is not installing properly.

    Any one has the precedure how to install please give me (or) is there any free StreamingServers for windows? please post them.

    advanced thanks.


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    Smile Re: Darwin server on windows XP

    hi all ,

    Finally its working, the problem is Perl is not installed properly thats why I stucked. And one more thing is, there are two exe files one is perl.exe, perl5.5.8 .exe if U use the second one U will get the result.


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    Re: Darwin server on windows XP

    Yes had similar problems several days before, needed to comment out perl version check part from the administrator server startup script - then it works ok.
    Is the streaming working properly for you with the Win DSS clone and Nokias ?

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