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    How to connect to a wireless village server

    Dear sir/Madam:
    As you know that:Ericsson,Motorola create the specification for wireless village.I want to connect to
    a real wireless village server and do some application
    development.So I'd like to know how I can connect to a
    wireless village server.Can someone give me any advice?
    Thanks a lot. My email is : chummy_yang@hotmail.com
    or yang.jun@picsel.com

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    RE: How to connect to a wireless village server

    Here is a list of Wireless Village server manufacturers. You have to
    contact one of them in order to get passwords and addresses
    of the server and which specification number their implementation
    is following.
    Ericsson, Bluelabs, Followup, Logica, Openwave, Ecrio, Invertix, Comverse, Oz and AOL.
    Here you can find WV specifications:
    M, Forum Nokia

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