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    Active Standby message alert


    I am using a Nokia E61 with the active standby screen. However the settings seem to only allow me to display the most recent 2 text messages or the most recent 2 e-mails. Ideally I'd like to display both of them on the screen, or even better a simple dialogue that gives a summary of the unread messages like this:

    3 missed calls
    5 new e-mail
    2 new text messages

    And highlighting the relevant line would go straight to the relevant inbox.

    Is there any plug-in available to do this? It would be good if it could suppress the pop-up type window that says "New e-mail" or new text.

    Many thanks for your help!

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    Re: Active Standby message alert

    Hi adrian.court,

    This is the Java JME forum, you will not get that using JME. I think you should submit your feedback by means of the Developers Platform Feedback (Series 40, Series 80 and S60 Platforms) forum section.

    I think you'll not find it all implemented, too many different requirements i guess.

    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Junior

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