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    HttpConnection permission

    i have a midlet which connects to a servlet using httpconnection.
    It's working fine both in emulator and phone. The problem is that every time when a connection is opened it will ask user's permission. Is there any way to avoid this. I tried putting http permission in jad file. Still i'm facing the same problem
    thanx in advance

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    Re: HttpConnection permission

    Hi jini 1,

    Beside putting permissions on descriptor file, you must sign the MIDlet suite. You'll also need a 3rd party code signing certificate from Java Verified (UTI), Thawte or Verisign. It must be a type you have as root cert on your device.

    Take a look at the tutorial below:

    MIDP 2.0: Tutorial On Signed MIDlets v1.1


    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Junior

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    Re: HttpConnection permission

    Hi Jini 1,
    I am getting this error "System error = -28 : System : Bad Name."
    When i tryed to connect servlet app from Midlet. (Series60 , 80).
    Used Httpconnection class. After closing the emulator system automatically restarting (Close error).

    Thanx in advance.
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