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    3410 rms record store exception

    Hi !
    I ve written a programm which uses RecordStores. I works perfectly on the emulator and the siemens M50 handy. But with nokia 3410 i allways get a following record store exception:
    RecordStoreException: invalid record store contens

    why ? what can i do ?

    thanks for all help

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    RE: 3410 rms record store exception


    That's because Nokia always creates the RecordStore of the application name i.e. Your application name is SimpleApp then when You enumerate all RecordStores You will find that SimpleApp is created, but You didn't. Try changing the name of your RecordStore.

    My problem is different. On Nokia 3410 v4.09 the whole RecordStore stuff works fine, but when I'm using it on Nokia 3410 v3.09 no exception is thrown, but data aren't saved in the RecordStore!!!
    Please help.

    Best regards

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