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    Angry Newbie problem with aif file generation

    Have installed Carbide C++ express and the SDK for S60 2nd Ed FP2.

    I then followed the tutorial for creating an example project that built and ran correctly in the emulator.

    Thinking the next logical thing would be to check it can be installed on a phone I chose 'ARMI UREL' from 'Build Configuration'.

    The SIS file is not produced due to a consistant error indicating the .aif could not be found when required by the 'pkg' file. I have looked at the 'aifdef' file which seems correct.

    Looking at Help would suggest that Carbide generates the aif file, so why doesn't it?

    I realise this is probably a simple problem with a simple solution but I'm stuck!!

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Newbie problem with aif file generation

    Well, it might be that there is an error in generating the .aif file, checking the build log should give you a clue as to whether the .aif file is built or not. If it is built, you should check that the name and location of the actual file matches you .pkg file content.

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    Re: Newbie problem with aif file generation

    Problem solved. Looking at the console there appeared to be a problem locating a file during the AIF build. This was I believe due to a folder name [in the path] having a space char in it. As Carbide now creates an SIS file(and it's installable) that must have been the problem- thanks for your assistance!

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