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    Address book's Contact search functionality...

    Hi guys,
    I want to implement address book's Contact search functionality in which the LIST displays all contacts in sorted order and if u click and key like 'L' all the contacts starts with 'L' will display on the screen.
    How to implement this thing?

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    Re: Address book's Contact search functionality...

    There is a sutom class for this purpose called CAknSearchField that can be used for implementing what u need. it will help u in integrating the model and the controller. so any change that u make in the text box of the search editor will do the changes automatically. then once u make us of this class and integrate them u can call handlefindofferkeyeventL() in ur offerkeyeventL .
    To integrate them u need to use API's like
    void CAknFilteredTextListBoxModel::CreateFilterL ( CEikListBox * aListBox,
    CAknSearchField * aSearchField
    after this just delegating the keyevents to the parent will do the search and list update automatically.
    just go through the above classes and it will help u find a good solution.
    with regards,

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    Re: Address book's Contact search functionality...

    Hello there,

    Although it seems there's no problem on posting C++ code here, please note that this is the Mobile Java section.

    ashisht4u, in JME you can develop such an application, in case your target device implements JSR-75 and the PIM API Optional Package. Take a look at the tutorial below:

    Introduction To The PIM API (With Example) v1.1

    Hope it helps.


    Juarez Junior

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