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    Certificated applications update


    I have a problem with certificated applications update. If you could help me, I would be grateful to you...

    I've an embedded middlet installed on a 3220 handset. The application was signed by an operator. I’ve tried to update it by installing the same application (a new version), but without signing, and I can’t (I see a mistake during the update).

    Nevertheless, I’ve tried the opposite (to install an unsigned middlet, and then to update it with the signed middlet new version), and we haven’t had any problem.

    ¿Can we install (embedded or by OTA) a Midlet signed by any certificating company (manufacturer, operator or third), and then update it by installing the application, signed by another certificating company?

    Thank you very much



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    Re: Certificated applications update

    Updating a singed applicaiton by an unsigned application is a definit problem , I mean we can not do that(Otherwise how signing authorities make mony ). But I do think there is any problem to update a signed application by a signed update,although it is signed by two different certication companies.

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    Re: Certificated applications update

    Never tested this myself, but it should not work as it could lead to security breaches, e.g. changing an installed application from one security domain to other.


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