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    Red face hi XML Parsing in Symbian

    hi i m working in a project and in ths project i have 2 create
    XML file which contains the information abt the contents and stores
    ths file in 2 remote server plz tell me hw xml parsing is possible in Symbian...

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    Re: hi XML Parsing in Symbian


    From Feature Pack 3 on, you can use the CParser class, defined in Xml\WbxmlExtensionHandler.h header.

    For the previous editions, you may be interested in this article: http://www.newlc.com/Building-an-XML...r-Symbian.html


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    Re: hi XML Parsing in Symbian


    In case you haven't found an XML parser for pre-OS9, have a look around for "Expat". I use a version of this and it works fine. I'm pretty sure there's a version somewhere that has already been ported to Symbian (SymExpat?).

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