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    More than one NOKIA phone on same PC


    When we use NOKIA data suit, it converts the COM port where our NOKIA phone is attached to COM3. It means when I attach my phone on COM1, after installing NOKIA data suit (I need it for NOKIA driver), the COM1 changes to COM3. This is fine with me. Now the real problem is that I can't use more than one NOKIA phones on same PC. When I try to use second phone on some other COM port say COM8 ( I have COM port splitter), it overrides the previous installation and converts my COM8 to COM3. It means now I can't use first phone.

    So simply, I want to know how I can install NOKIA drivers on different ports so that I can use more than one NOKIA phone on my PC.

    Dheeraj Anand

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    RE: More than one NOKIA phone on same PC


    Shortly, no you can't.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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