Hi ,

I am a newbee to the forum, so pardon me if I don't understand lingo/acronyms.

I am a Computer Science ,MS student and need to do a senior design project.

As part one, I was thinking of building a app that will to send MMS/email from nokia cell phone to a PC. I need to see it in the form of email or web page(or anything that displays message and which can be parsed further).

I did some research and found out that I can do it using WAP/WML but don't exactly know how to go about it.

I am confortable with java,c,c++,html,apache,mysql.
I can learn rest that is needed.

On the server side I was thinking once PC received an email/MMS I can use apache/mysql to parse the information.

I need to know the following.
1) What kind of phone is needed (model).
2) How will be the connectivity (From Cell phone to the PC)
3) What software/toolkits are needed.
4) Any guides, examples,urls' that can help me in this effort.

Any help in this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you all.