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    Question newbie: 2 questions about symbian programming


    2nd Edition SDK Feature Pack 2
    Carbide.c++ Express

    I'm trying to learn symbian so I'm now trying to develop a simple helloworld app that uses List (CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox)...

    So in Carbide.c++ I'm trying to create a .mbm file. -> in the window "New MBM Definition File" of the wizard for creating .mbm file, I must here enter "Container". What is it I must enter in that field?

    I'm following the SimpleList example that came with the book "Developing Series 60 Applications" and this code troubles me:
    iSavedGamesListBox = new (ELeave) CAknSingleStyleListBox;
    I've checked the symbian documentation (2nd Edition SDK Feature Pack 2) and I cannot find ItemDrawer() as a method of CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox. How can the CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox instance call ItemDrawee() using "->", if ItemDrawer() isn't as far as I know a member of CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox??? please give me some tips on this one...

    Please help me with these questions


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    Re: newbie: 2 questions about symbian programming

    1) The container would be the folder in which the new mbm definition file is to be created.

    See this page in Carbide's help (the help needs to be opened for this link to actualy work)

    And here is another helpful help page.

    2) CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox is derived from CEikColumnListBoxTypedef which in turn is a typedef of AknListBoxLinesTemplate<CAknColumnListBox> and that makes it a derivation of CAknColumnListBox which in turn is derived from CEikColumnListBox (see eikclb.h)

    That means that you are actualy calling
    CColumnListBoxItemDrawer* CEikColumnListBox::ItemDrawer() const;

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    Re: newbie: 2 questions about symbian programming

    Thanks for the reply!

    BTW: the links you posted points at localhost ( so therefor I can't open those links you sent me...

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    Re: newbie: 2 questions about symbian programming

    I understand - those links was the carbide documentation, I'm reading it now...

    many thanks!

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