In my application I am displaying a textbox for the user to a enter a PIN. I'm assigning the following command to the textbox.

Command CMD_SUBMIT = new Command("Submit", Command.OK, 1);
On my Nokia 6021, and on the S40 emulator, this command is assigned to the middle softkey, which is what I want.

However, for some reason, the left softkey is also active (though there is no text displayed above it, apart from once the PIN has been entered, when 'Options' is displayed). If the user presses the softkey they are taken to a blank screen (the label for the textbox is displayed as the title for the window) where the middle softkey is assigned the command 'Select' and the right softkey 'Back'. Pressing either simply returns to the textbox.

Does anyone have any idea if I can get rid of this command assignment, i.e. disable the left softkey?