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    Registering an Inbound Connection

    Hi there,

    I'm new to j2me and cell phone java development.

    Just one simple question, hope you guys can give me an answer.

    You know, using MIDP 2.0, we can make a generic socket connection out there to the Internet, in that case, generally speaking, it will cost the user some money to connect to the Internet.

    What about if I try to make a server socket, and register such inbound (server) socket connection, while waiting for an inbound connection, does it cost cell phone user any Internet fees at all?



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    Re: Registering an Inbound Connection

    You have a problem when you are waiting for a connection since mobile phones dont get an IP address unless your network operator has implemented SIP/IMS on their network which allows phones to get some sort of IP using this layer.

    Regardless, it will still probably cost you money since your cellphone will still use your Operator's access points to send data back.

    If you want to save money over charges, use a mobile phone that can connect to wireless LAN. If you do, you get an additional access point APN when connecting to the Internet which connects to the Internet over your wireless LAN instead of using your Operator's access points.

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    Re: Registering an Inbound Connection

    Hi jackxie,

    I do agree with rexwal on both issues. What can be done will depend on your operator's support for connections and services and WLAN may be an option...


    Juarez Junior

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    Re: Registering an Inbound Connection

    Thanks a lot for the replies folks.

    I do very much appreciate that.


    Another question about PushRegistry is:

    As I know of, using MIDP 2.0, we can register a MIDlet, and then leave that MIDlet sleep until there's an inbound connection to wake it up ,or there's a Timer expires and then such MIDlet gets woken up.

    Apart from the connection-based way and the timer-based way, is there any other way to wake up a MIDlet at all?

    For example, I want my MIDlet to run as a background process, while user can still make phone calls, play other games or sending txt messages etc, until the user presses a key for 10 seconds, and then my MIDlet will be woken up and do work?

    Is it possible to achieve that?

    Thanks guys!

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