Hi, I am now develop some java application on Nokia 6680, 6681 and N80. But found out if i run more than one java application simultaneously, the phone only lauch the new one and kick the old one. No matter what JAVA application i installed and lauch, the phone always kick the old one.

This problem seems happened less on 6630, and it did not happned when i test on N70 and 6600.

Anybody knows is there any configurable setting / parameters that let java app pass in or set on Symbian OS to enable 2 or more java apps run simultaneously? Or is there anyway to set java app not running on EXCLUSIVE mode so that resource or access rigth allocaiton being assign by OS balance?

Fyi : These problems did not happen if run more than 1 Symbian app and even i can run 5 Symbian app when i was doing testing

Thank You!