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    Red face I can't reinstall PC Suite Support into my phone

    Accidentally, I've deleted the Nokia PC Suite support applications's file in my phone. I just remember one file that I've deleted. The file is DSFPROFILEEDITOR.EXE, in phone memory.

    The Nokia PC Suite support applications is applications that will automatically send into our phone and ask us to install it into phone when we want to create a message through Nokia PC Suite and send it through Nokia PC Suite too for the first time.

    I've reinstalled Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver, Nokia PC Connectivity Solution and run Nokia PC Suite Cleaner. Only the The Nokia PC Suite support applications that always fail while trying to install in my phone and untill now, I can't create and send a message through Nokia PC Suite.

    What could be the problem is?

    Please help

    Also, I've followed the instructions at Nokia site:
    Q: Sending of short message with Nokia Text Message Editor fails.


    Check the connectivity between your phone and PC. If the connection is fine, and other PC Suite applications work without problems, check your phone's operating system (ISA or Symbian) from www.nokia.com or from the phone's user guide.

    If your phone's operating system is ISA (Series 40), check that your message settings are correct. Contact your local phone operator for more information.

    If your phone's operating system is Symbian (S60, Series 80 or Series 90), check that the PC Suite Support file is installed in your phone. The PC Suite Support file is an add-on application for PC Suite usage with contacts and messages. You can check it from the phone's application list. See your phone's user guide for more information. In your situation, the PC Suite Support file might be corrupted or too old for the PC Suite version you are currently using. Do as follows:

    1) Disconnect the phone from the PC.
    2) Uninstall the PC Suite Support file from your phone.
    3) Reconnect your phone to the PC with the Get Connected wizard (on the PC Suite main window).
    4) PC Suite detects that the PC Suite Support file is missing and advises you to install it.
    5) Follow the instructions on the phone's display.

    Alternative keywords: SMS, shortmessage, textmessage
    My main problem is I don't accidentally uninstall the PC Suite support applications in phone, but I accidentally deleted the installation file (DSFPROFILEEDITOR.EXE) and after deleted, I'm also uninstall all of the Nokia PC suite support applications in phone.

    Oh, yes, almos forgot. My phone is Nokia 6630 firmware 5.03.08, using Nokia PC Suite latest version (Nokia_PC_Suite_68_rel_22_eng_web.msi). I got the accidental while using the realease 21 with PC Suite and just same problem
    Last edited by rulirahm; 2006-06-09 at 08:00. Reason: I forgot to tell my phone model and its firmware also the version of Nokia PC Suite that I'm faced with this problem :(
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