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Thread: RMS problem

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    RMS problem

    I have created a RMS which will be huge in size...

    I am adding only fixed length record of 100bytes....

    if the record size is less then I am padding that record with 0.....

    I am updating the rms like .....

    while adding any record I am updating that record using

    But I am getting the memory full error that means memory leak?/

    I wanted to know that How can I remove this error???


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    Re: RMS problem

    mean to say ur RMS Size growing while do some operation on it..?

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    Re: RMS problem

    Hi rushab,

    can u please elaborate ur problem a little more.
    Updating ur RMS. Does this mean u r adding more contents to the ur rms file.
    If possible can u post a sample program here.


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    Re: RMS problem

    Hi rushabh_it,

    I noticed this is your first post, welcome to Forum Nokia boards

    Please provide more information and note that devices may have record store size restrictions, as you may know. However, does not seem to be the case provided that you are doing updates but you need to elaborate on it...

    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Junior

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