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    RichText Editor eats 'newline' in dialogs

    Hello all,

    There is a problem with rich text editors located within dialogs that I noticed 3 years ago but forgot the solution (if there was any).

    When a rich text control (CEikRichTextEditor) is located withing dialogs using resource files (resource RTXTED), it will 'eat' the newline input by pressing the '0' key three times. The editor works correctly if it is within a normal view and created manually in C++ code, so the problem is only limited to dialogs.

    The problem is visible directly in Nokia examples such as the Type example code (see link below) and the SmsSend example in the S60v2 FP2 SDK. Both of these examples have a dialog which contains a RTXTED and pressing '0' does not have the expected effect of creating a line break.


    I am looking for a direct and simple solution to the problem, rather than a redesign of the UI. Plase post here if you have run into this yourself..

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: RichText Editor eats 'newline' in dialogs

    To answer my own question, the examples quoted are indeed missing something. To prevent dialogs from "eating" newline from the embedded text editors, one needs to have:

    itemflags = EEikDlgItemTakesEnterKey;

    in the dialog line resource definition.

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