Now I use my 3rd Nokia phone (Nokia 6021). Nokias get better but there are still some lacking features. Most of them concern Profiles.

1. The profiles should be synchronised with organizer i.e. when the meeting is saved in organizer, then it should be possible to automatically change profile to "Meeting" or "Silent" during the meeting and to return to previous profile after the meeting ends.

2. Access to Temprorary profiles is to complicated. One has to enter: Menu > Settings > Profiles > ProfileName > Temprorary to get it working. It should be accesilbe from ON/OFF button. Now ON/OFF button gives access to permanent profiles.

3. The profiles have option to set Caller Groups for which the sound signal is audible. The selection should have inverted logic, it is that one should choose groups for which the ringtone is inaudible. One example of current situation: I set up PrivateProfile. I want have silent phone when somebody from my company call me when PrivateProfile is on. Every other should be audible. This is impossible now, because I have to assign some other group (e.g. "Others") to all my contacts in addressbook. It is hard work and even then it is impossible, because I cannot assign group for phone numbers which I don't have saved in addressbook or which are registred. Such calls always are silent, while they shouldn't. If I could set that only Group "Company" is silent, then I can always hear when somebody else is calling me.

4. Most of current series 40 phones are not configurable enough. This concerns the PustToTalk (useless!) button as well as navigation button (5 way).

5. Ability to create shortcuts under left function button is also to small. The list of available function is too short. It should embrace all phone functions, especially temporary profiles.

Darek Borkowski