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    Theme Maker Error

    Phase 0: Parameter summary.
    Source file: ICEMAN.txt
    Skin name: ICEMAN

    Phase 1: Input parsing.
    Opening source file ICEMAN.txt ...

    An exception occured (when parsing line 1):
    Error while opening a file
    Cannot open input file



    FAILED while executing skin descriptor compiler

    FAILED !!. Read report given above

    i keep on getting that error! its already very irritatinh... help me pls!
    do you know any other theme maker aside from nokia theme maker?
    i want to make a theme but i keep on getting that error.

    im using Series 60 Theme studio. help pls!

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    Re: Theme Maker Error

    Have you checked the ICEMAN.txt exists? And it is in a correct directory? (Looks like Theme Maker caanot find that file...)


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