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    connection failed to the server

    I get this message of error when i get connected to the server i made on the computer:
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ClientDoctor/BufferedInputStream
    I have made a Client and a server. The problem is : each time I have I tried to connect to the server with a emulator a pop up appears saying :
    "Midlet wants to receive information is this ok ?" with a noise .
    Then the windows shuts down if i says ok. If i says no the applications is still there but it doesn't process the application.

    i did try for Prototype_3_0_Nokia_7710_MIDP_Emulator and
    Prototype_4_0_Nokia_7710_MIDP_Emulator. I did try many of them but nothing happens. But yesterday the client correctly connected to the server . What is the problem ?
    Why ?

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    Re: connection failed to the server

    I dont understand why it does not work ! Please help i am stuck on this

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