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    HTTP POST Problem with SDK's

    I built a midlet that sends information by POST method in HTTP.
    in the emulators (such as 6270,6230, 6230i..) I See the "post data" in the diagnostic, but the data doesn't arrive to the server. I tried several servers and they didn't work. I tried to run the SDK's on different computers and it was the same.
    If I run my midlet on my Cellphone (6230) everything works fine.
    Example for the post data:

    is a known problem?
    Any suggestions on how to solve it ?
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    Re: HTTP POST Problem with SDK's

    The Nokia training "Java ME Development for Mobile Commerce" has some good examples of how to exchange java objects between a MIDP MIDlet and a Java servlet using HTTP POST

    See http://www.forum.nokia.com/training for details


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