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    n6600 camera sdk-help

    hi i am trying to use n6600 camera sdk to develop an camera application for n6600.
    i also have series 60 v2 and series 60v2Fp3 sdk.
    i use microsoft .net and nds to compile.
    when i create an application for n6600 camera sdk, it does not compile in .net,but projects in other sdk compile
    could anyone help me in compiling this app.

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    Re: n6600 camera sdk-help

    The Nokia 6600 Camera Plug-in does not necessarily have to work with FP3, since it is intended to use with S60 2.0, no FP.

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    Exclamation Re: n6600 camera sdk-help

    thank for the reply.
    i know it does not work with the sdk supportind fp3.
    when i create a project i select the default sdk as n6600 camera plugin.
    then when i try to compile it gives error in pre build event.

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