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    J2ME hobbyist's certification


    I am just a hobbyist in J2ME area and i am interesting to start
    producing applications on the area of Bluetooth and HTTP on
    the Nokia's phones.

    I think that i am able to produce applications (BT and/or HTTP) on
    the emulator environment.

    But, when i want to start run those BT and/or HTTP applications on
    real Nokia's phone, am i able to load those applications
    on my phone without having the permission from the testing house or
    from the local operator etc..

    So, do any of you fellow developers know the situation,
    when we want to load an application on our phone developed
    with emulator that uses Bluetooth and/or HTTP first time
    before trying to publish the application.

    Do we need some kind of permission from some authority before
    we are able to load the application on our phone for testing
    purposes before trying to release application ?

    How to proceed on next step when i have emulator ready
    tested application and i want to load it in my phone for my own testing purposes ?

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    Re: J2ME hobbyist's certification

    You can set the permissions you need in your phone. The only thing you have to do is to allow the app to access the restricted memory e.g. Bluetooth / http.
    To do this open the folder where your app is located e.g. "Menu->Applications->Collection" next you set the focus on your app select "options ->Application access->communication" there you can set the permission you need. There for you will need no Cert...

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