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    Question About DoJa ' s Scratchpad

    hi,everybody..(I am developing a program which it's translate the DoJa api to J2ME api)

    Now,I had a question about the "Scratchpad".as well know. to load some resource.It can write by the following code:

    DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(Connector.openInputStream(scratchpad:/// + num +

    ";pos=" + offset + "length = "+length));

    I understand the offset and length variable. but I don't know the num variable. I saw it

    generally take the 0 value.but also can take 1 . why. what is the num functions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Smile Re: About DoJa ' s Scratchpad

    Because there's many ScratchPads in an application (16 in max), this number is used to identify which ScratchPad to use.

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