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    J2me RecordStore persistence

    Hello ,

    I have a doubt regarding j2me Recordstore persistence.

    For instance I opened a recordstore and then I added some records using addRecord() and modified some records using setRecord() methods.

    If now my application exits without calling closeRecordStore() , will all the changes be persistently stored? Or can there be a case where recordstore can get corrupt if closeRecordStore() method is not called?

    Javadoc of addRecord() method says:
    "Adds a new record to the record store. The recordId for this new record is returned. This is a blocking atomic operation. The record is written to persistent storage before the method returns."

    I tested it on some of the MIDP2 phones, it seems to work and closeRecordStore() is not mandatory. But I vaguely remember that I had some problems on MIDP1 devices long time back. Can some expert comment on the behavior of j2me recordstore persistence ?


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    Re: J2me RecordStore persistence

    hi goyal,

    As per docs
    "The record store is not actually closed until you call the closeRecordStore method as many times as you called the openRecordStore method to open it. "

    I am not sure what happens if the application is exited without calling the closerecordstore


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    Re: J2me RecordStore persistence

    Once the record store is not closed calling open record store again once you launch the application for the second time,will cause problems.


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    Re: J2me RecordStore persistence


    U have to close propely the streems in $ and out put streem, then it will store.
    Ur not cheching properly the exceptions
    Check streem closeings then it will

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    Re: J2me RecordStore persistence

    well i have used record store without closing it after use and it has caused awful lot of trouble. but if u open and close i never had any problems and i am using it for quite a while.

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