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    Extending PC Sync


    I'm wondering if it is is possible to create your own dll to extend PC Sync with your own service. I've noticed several dll's in the PC Suite install directory (e.g. OutlookX.dll) which seem to offer the sync functionality. Is there an API available to create such extensions?



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    Re: Extending PC Sync

    No such APIs have been published. The only PC Suite APIs/interfaces that have been published, are documented in the PC Suite Connectivity API docs (and respective header files).

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    Unhappy Re: Extending PC Sync

    Thanks. I figured as much. Using OleView I came accross a number of Nokia interfaces starting with ISync (probably to do with NclSync.dll), but there is no documentation to be found unfortunately. I guess I have to go the Obex/SyncML route in order to create my own sync solution.

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