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    Read and Open files with Series60

    I have an important question:

    If I have a file in the phone´s memory(or memory card) because I put it with the Nokia Pc Suite from the Pc to the phone:

    Could i open and read these files (such xml files or txt files) with a Series60 mobile phone?

    Exists any Api, program, ... that help me for this?

    Thank you for everyone that tell me something about this.

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    Re: Read and Open files with Series60

    Yes the source to do such things are available in the documentation of the SDK.
    Check those out.

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    Re: Read and Open files with Series60

    The API you are looking for is JSR-75 optional package File Connection API. In addition to JavaDoc documentation for the API, you can check this document "Introduction to File Connection API" http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._v1_1.zip.html


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