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    Question SNAP virtual client

    Hi.I m new to SNAP framework as most of you.Can anyone tell me what is the exact job of virtual clients that are made by the session manager? i mean, the pdf just says that a virtula clien is created for each client session.Why is this done?Give me all the requirements n reasons.Please answer me.pleaseeeee

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    Re: SNAP virtual client


    The "virtual client" is a server-side representation of your user state in the SNAP Mobile system. There are two technical hurdles w/ mobile gaming that make this necessary:

    1) Handsets connect and disconnect from the servers freely. Also, it is possible to temporarily lose your signal or your connection to the servers (e.g., you pass through a tunnel on the train, you receive an incoming phone call). So at any given moment time, you may be active in the SNAP Mobile system (playing a game, hanging out in a lobby, etc.), but your handset may not have a open server connection at that instant.

    2) Also, only handsets can initiate network connections to the server, not the other way around. So if other players need information about you (are you logged on? what game room or lobby are you in? etc.), they cannot request it directly from your handset.

    The "virtual client" on the servers is a representation of your state in the SNAP Mobile system. It proxies requests to and from the Online Community Servers. It keeps track of such things as:

    - are you logged in?
    - what lobby are you in?
    - what game room are you in?
    - are you currently playing a game?
    - are you waiting in a matchmaking mode for a game to begin?
    - what game are you currently logged in with? (The same user account can log in via any SNAP Mobile game, connected to the same community, that has been downloaded to the handset.)

    Hope this helps,

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    Talking Re: SAM

    Thanks a lot sir.I thought no one answers querries in this forum. But you have given a real good and helpful reply..
    Abhi Sam

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