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    Known Issues In The Nokia 6600 MIDP 2.0 Implementation and PC Suite

    I felt I must investigate problems with Nokia 6600 programming in bluetooth further and found the following in the document

    Known Issues In The Nokia 6600 and MIDP2 Implementation Version 1.7

    2.30 Using Bluetooth Serial Port in MIDlets
    Reading incoming stream does not work properly. When the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (RFCOMM protocol) is used, reading incoming stream is sometimes interrupted with IOException. The read() method of the InputStream class may throw an IOException if the other end has closed the stream while the InputStream is still reading it.
    Another issue is that the InputStream cannot use a bigger array than 512 bytes when reading stream. A bigger byte array may crash the MIDlet.
    Run, for example, the BtsppEcho example application to reproduce the issue.
    This is not a problem that can be fixed but simply taken into account when programming.

    I can only urge everyone using programming using Nokia 6600 to download and read this. There are many problems documented.

    There are Frequently Asked Questions in this forum which are answered and documented in this downloadable document which will save many of you problems.

    Please take not that you need the "PC Suite for Nokia 6600" not "PC Suite v6.8" to work bluetooth and the correct drivers

    Forum Nokia Champion said:
    These are the supported bluetooth stacks;

    Microsoft Windows XP Bluetooth (included in XP SP2), Toshiba Bluetooth stack for Windows XP/2000 version 4.0, Widcomm BTW 1.4, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack for Windows XP/2000, driver version*

    * Note: IVT Bluetooth is not compatible with the Nokia 3250, Nokia Nseries, or Nokia Eseries phones together with the latest versions of Nokia PC Suite.
    See this link for Nokia 6600 all languages

    See this link for "PC Suite for Nokia 6600" in English

    In another thread is note about signing midlet for Nokia 6600

    The issue is with the firmware verison on your nokia 6600.If the version is lower than 4.0.9, then there is no support for signed midlets.
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