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    Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition

    Hi all,
    After my messing arround trying to have my app support backup on s60 3rd edition rendered void, i decided to check it on the hello world app, and found that the simplest instructions in platsec_pc_connectivity.pdf and S60_Platform_How_To_Enable_Backup_And_Restore_For_Installed_Cpp_Applications_v1_0_en.pdf don't work.

    This is what i did:
    1. Build S60 3rd Ed. Hello World Application
    2. Write my backup_registration.xml:
    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
    <include_directory name = "\system\apps\test\" />
    <system_backup />
    <restore requires_reboot="no" />
    3. Maka sis with following PKG, and sign it with DevCert:
    #{"BackupTest"},(0x2000188F), 0, 1, 1
    [0x101F7961], *, *, *, {"Series60ProductID"}
    %{"Vendor Name"}
    :"Vendor Name"
    4. Install on device, backup

    Now i tired damaging the app in several ways, each time i restored the backup i made only to discover that the damage remained:
    1. Uninstall of the BackupTest - restore did not bring it back
    2. Changing the test.txt - change i made was there after restore
    3. Removing test.txt - file wasn't there after restore
    4. Format device (*#7370#) - app was gone

    I can't even know what went wrong - backup or restore, since there's no way to read those NFB/NFC files.

    Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong?
    Did anyone manage to have his app backed-up and restored successfully?

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    Re: Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition

    I've just discovered that backup doesn't work for other software on the device as well.
    I know for sure that a certain app on the memory card has the backup_registration.xml file, but when i tried doing backup and then restore to a different memory card, it didn't restore.

    I guess this is a question to Forum Nokia then:
    Is backup / restore functionality working for 3rd Edition?

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    Re: Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition


    Backup restore works. \System folder, due to legacy reasons is considered a special one and is not backed up.

    The idea is to get all developers to move public data from \system\data to \Data on S60 3rd Edition.

    Also note introduction of sbdefs.h for backup-restore related notification in the S60 3.0 MR SDK.


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    Re: Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition


    I've moved my files out of /System to /data but still backup doesn't work.
    Did u manage to have backup work for you? in what device?

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