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    a question about MMSC EAIF EMULATOR

    I'm using MMSC EAIF EMULATOR . I have 2 emulators in my pc, ones works as a terminating, the other as a originating. And all it is ok, but when i want to see the message that i have sent, there are anything in the directory that i have said in the file eaim.properties.
    I don't understand.
    thank you.

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    RE: a question about MMSC EAIF EMULATOR


    You have to set path in your eaifem properties file like
    MMSIN=ROOT Directory\:\\Symbian\\6.1\\Series60\\Epoc32\\Wins\\c\\mmsin

    Then you can find out your .mms file in the below directory after executed your orignated applicaiton.

    ROOT Directory:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Wins\c\mmsin\MMSCEM.mms

    Good Luck

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    how to change shortcode MMSC EAIF EMULATOR

    Hi friends,
    How to change "from" regarding Terminating application?
    where can we configure new "from" in the EAIF Emulator.
    for ex: currently it is showing +32332222222/TYPE=PLMN which is non editable.I want to change it to +500/TYPE=PLMN


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