Dear friends,

The following is my requirement.

1. Detect the bluetooth devices in the neighbourhood and display in a list.

This is working ok.

2. Select a device and list the services provided by it.

I'am able to get a list of services. But I don't know how to get their

3. Transfer an image from the local device to the selected device. The selected device should receive the file like a message. Most docs I read
implement file transfer using a client and server. This is not the way I want.
I don't want any server portion running on the selected device.

I'am currently using the avetanaObex package. But when I try to send
the error shown is 'Class not found exception'. Briefly it says that it can't
find the btgoep protocol. I'am testing on Nokia 6680.

What could be the problem. What is the UUID and attributes I have to set
for file transfer.