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    problem with SISUPGRADE


    I use the TYPE=SISUPGRADE option in my SIS file to patch existing component. This upgrade must work for all versions of component - 1.0, 2.0, etc. I Specify the following dependency string:

    (my Uid),1,0,0,{"My Component"}

    Version 2.0 of Component is Installed. When I try to install my upgrade, the installation program says:
    "Version 2.00 of MyComponent is installed. This component only works with version 1.00"

    SDK documentation states, that version of installed component must be >= version of upgrade, But it seems that symbian uses the strict '=' dependency.

    I have tested on 6680,6630,3230,7610, 6600 4.x, but on all devices I am getting the same result.

    Could any one plz help me out to resolve this issue?

    Sanjay Jain
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