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    N80 Jar File limitation


    I have an application with a lots of png files in my jar. The file works perfectly on the emulators, but not on the mobile phone - if i create a smaller jar file without graphics, it works. without graphics the file size is 300kb, with png files it is 8mb.

    The documentation says that there is no jar file size limitation on the n80 device. Could it be that there are other limitations, like number of files in the jar file?

    My N80s *#0000# says: V3.0617.0.6 - 03-05-2006 - RM-92 - Nokia N80(01).

    The Application is not meant to be installed OTA, but directly with the nokia suite. Is it possible to transfer additional files to the memory card easily? I do not have access to WLAN at the company, and GPRS connection is of course expensive (and does not make sense).

    Is it possible to use Nokia Network Bridge for the N80? I could not get that to work too..

    I really do need an easy way (easy=for the end-user) to install the app *somehow*, and i know that the user will be disappointed if I tell him to copy the files on his memory card with PC Suite's file manager; And I think the files will end up in the wrong directories too...

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    Re: N80 Jar File limitation

    And by the way: The installation gives an error message:
    "Unable to install". There is no more information about it - no info why it failed.

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    Re: N80 Jar File limitation


    I get the similar as you have?
    Have you solve your problem?
    Following are the thread for my problem:


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