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    IDE project generation failed

    Hi All!

    I've installed NOKIA 7710 SDK, and there is Series 60 Application Wizard, I'm using to create a HelloWorld Application, In "IDE Options", I check the Check Box "Generate IDE Project Files" with VS .NET 2003 and radio button -"Generate files to .mmp folder" and click Generate Botton.

    But I'm getting the following error Messagebox

    """"""IDE project generation failed"""""

    Can anyone please help me, why this message I'm getting and how to solve it?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: IDE project generation failed

    hi,i also meet the same problem. I find it is because that my new project is named only by number , such as 111, then the problem was caused. when I name the new project as "project1", the problem solved,good lucky!

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    Re: IDE project generation failed

    It is certainly too late for m_mudassir_saeed to hear about your solution but I guess it could be useful for others...
    -- Lucian

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