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    Unhappy Problem with Index file

    Hi. I own a Nokia 6630, and I experienced a problem during sending an sms, the phone kept everytime the "Sending message" warning, for at least 5 minutes. I was waiting all the time, but I had to restart the phone, or otherwise it wouldn't unfreeze. When I restarted the phone, I went to the Outbox to retry sending the sms, but it wasn't there anymore, that's when I realized that ALL messages had been gone... well, not really gone, what happened was that the Index file was screwed during those 5 minutes and because of that reboot, the (Mail) folder is still there, the messages are still "there", but the Index file was messed up with the reboot, I'm not able to see them... is there anyway to rebuild the Index file, or some kind of unmodify? Thanks in advance, I'm in serious trouble, because I had over 3000 sms, and it would be a disaster to loose them forever... HEEEEELP! Thanks

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    Re: Problem with Index file

    oh my problem is really the same i had it yesterday and I don't know what to do
    and is there any way to move messages from phone mam to memory card ?
    I have 6630 too
    Any ideas folks ?!

    I have backup from 12 of february with index, and from yesterday but index is damaged, if I put msg on phone card and change path of saving messages in phone phone freezes and after that it delete all my msg, i thought he was rebuliding index file but not, what a shame
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