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    Problem linking against a dll


    Im very new to carbide c++. I manage to create my first hello world application today and compiled it. Now Im trying currently to use the lbs.h library. However when I import lbs.h into my .cpp file or .h file, whenever I attempt to create an object of type RPositionServer(which is a class defined in

    Undefined symbol: 'int RPositionServer::Connect(void) ?Connect@RPositionServer@@QAEHXZ)' referenced from 'void CthirdAppUi::HandleCommandL(int) ?HandleCommandL@CthirdAppUi@@UAEXH@Z)' in thirdAppUi.cpp:146

    I read that to use this library we must link against the library: lbs.dll. I have a feeling that the linking could that be the source of the error. If so, how do we do this precisely link against a dll library in carbide.c++?

    Thanks in avance,

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    Re: Problem linking against a dll

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