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    How Do I sell my software to Nokia?


    Our company has developed an application in Symbian for Series 60 cell phones and I know it has a huge potential as a new concept in itself. Am really sorry I can't give the details.
    However, Nokia would benefit immensely from this s/w if they include it in their series 60 models or even keep it as a freeware on their site for all series 60 users...
    I thus want to sell this software to Nokia. Could anyone please guide me how to go about it? Can anyone give me contacts of anyone in Nokia or even tell me alternative buyers of symbian software.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: How Do I sell my software to Nokia?

    Perhaps you are a proud owner of a pointing device such as a mouse for example. Feel free to click on "Business Opportunities" on www.forum.nokia.com. It is a bold blue link of the panel on the right (Featured Items)

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    Re: How Do I sell my software to Nokia?

    If you are interested in selling the software, please contact me under info at sept-solutions.de with a first price and description of the software

    Best regards

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