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    Unhappy Does AnyOne use CARBIDE to import webkit project ?

    I used SVN and checked out S60 webkit project ,and I want to use carbide .C++ to import it .But there are many problems when the tool parses the bld.inf file .

    The system reports " Correct errors shown(in RED) and Re-import bld.inf."
    Error: CPP.EXE C:\symbian\9.1\s603rd\s60\javascriptcore.mmp : No Such file or directory.
    Error: CPP.EXE C:\symbian\9.1\s603rd\s60\XX.mmp : No Such file or directory.

    It seems that the system paths are not correct.
    I copied mulitiple .mmp files from sub-directory to directory S60 and the system reports " Error Detected on VID_DEFAULT" ,and etc.

    Should I change some enviroment varaibles ?

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    Re: Does AnyOne use CARBIDE to import webkit project ?

    Carbide.c++ Express does not support importing large, complicated projects. It's mostly a trial and home-use toolset. Our upcoming Developer edition has more robust project import capabilities.


    Matt P.

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