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    can i get push registry sms content

    hi all,

    I used push registry to awake my application when an sms recieved on its port

    but my application doesn't recieve this sms, i.e. notifyIncomingMessage() doesn't notfiy the application with this sms.

    can i get this sms and how ?

    best regards,


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    Re: can i get push registry sms content

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    Re: can i get push registry sms content

    I've read the links You posted. An I've done exactly as You wrote.
    Here's some of my code:
    public void startApp()
    String connectList[];
    // Was the MIDlet started by an incoming connection?
    connectList = PushRegistry.listConnections(true);
    if (connectList == null || connectList.length == 0)
    // Started by the user, exit
    else // Started from an incoming connection
    //receive a message
    //incomingConnection = (MessageConnection) Connector.open("sms://:" + incomingPortNum);
    incomingMessage =(TextMessage) incomingConnection.receive();

    As You can see I use the connector.open(..) but still nothing happends when I'm trying it on my phone (6600). In the emulator (WTK2.2) it works fine.
    Can You help?


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