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    Python 2.2? 2.3?

    Am I missing something? How come the only version of Python for S60 available on the nokia site (or anywhere it seems) appears to be of Python 1.2, rather than 2.2 or 2.3 (or even 2.4)?

    Where can I download Python 2.2 or 2.3 for S60?

    It seems many packages break (such as cookielib) if you try to import 2.0+ Python libs while S60 is still fitted with Python 1.2

    Example would be cookielib, which expects the keyword "yield", except 1.2 doesn't recognize yield at all!!!

    Please help. thx

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    Re: Python 2.2? 2.3?

    Yes, you're missing something.

    http://opensource.nokia.com/projects...s60/index.html says "The device installation package includes the Python interpreter (based on Python 2.2.2)".

    So, the 1.2 or 1.3.1 (which seems to be the latest) are just the Nokia version numbers for the packaging for S60.

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    Re: Python 2.2? 2.3?

    IIRC you need to have statement "from __future__ import generators" before using yield.

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    Re: Python 2.2? 2.3?

    Thanks you guys.

    Does this mean there are no current Python 2.3+ versions available for S60?

    Many things, such as urllib2, spidermonkey python-javascript lib require at least python 2.3.

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