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    Cant play media on 6680 browser

    I have an application that produces WAP XHTML pages. When accessing such a page from a Nokia 6680 and clicking on a link to a video clip (e.g., 3gp or mp4), instead of viewing it I get "file saved to notes".

    Any clues to what's going wrong here?

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    Re: Cant play media on 6680 browser

    As replied to in your duplicate posting:

    The reason is that your server is sending the wrong MIME type(s) for .3gp or .mp4 files.

    When the browser does not recognize the file type, it assumes it is text and the default action is to open it with the default text file viewe (Notes app).

    So, configure your server properly (how it is done depends on what/whose WAP or web server software you have).

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